Reduction of benzophenone with sodium borohydride lab report

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mixture of 10% ethanolic sodium borohydride. solution and 0 1 N sodium hydroxide solution (1 + 1) The excess reagent is neutralized with acid. after 30 mm. Strychnine. Oleanomc acid, tigogenone. 7-Ketocholesterol, sterol. hydroperoxides. Alkaloids. Sample applied as spots followed by 5% sodium [22] borohydnde solution, which is then dried and ...
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Reduction reactions are one of the major classes of reactions in organic chemistry. The opposite of oxidation (discussed earlier), reduction reactions can be determined by 5. With the flask on ice, slowly and carefully add the sodium borohydride to the benzophenone over a period of ten minutes.
Characterization Conclusion Based on the results and data shown, reduction of benzophenone to benzhydrol requires a coordinating metal catalyst and light. Moreover, too much of any of these will result to diphenylmethane, but not enough of any of these will result to pinacolone
May 04, 2015 · reduction of ketone and aldehyde compounds by sodium borohydride supported on alumina in the literature. [3, 2, 10, 8, 11] Prior work by our group has previously demonstrated the microwave-assisted reduction of cyclohexanone to cyclohexanol using sodium borohydride supported on a silica matrix. [12] Herein we wish to report the versatility of
Furthermore, monodispersed nanoparticles were obtained when the number of gold ions per water droplet in microemulsions was above one. The diameter of gold nanoparticles was controllable by the average size of microemulsion. By use of a strong reducing agent such as hydrazine or sodium borohydride, small gold particles could be made.
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